Car Wash Technology

Our Cleaning Equipment

The cleaning equipment used at Flagship Express Car Wash is the best in the industry offering incredible results for your car, truck, van or SUV. With an innovative round arch design, your car receives a more accurate surface cleaning due to the arch’s circumference.

As you enter the Flagship Express Car Wash, you’ll see and hear instructions on our all-weather LED-LCD screen, which guides you through pulling your vehicle onto the transporter belt. The transporter belt will catch and guide all four tires of the vehicle simultaneously, and once instructed, you’ll shift your vehicle into neutral.

Then, the fun starts! As you and your vehicle go through the wash, signs under each arch let you know exactly what step of the wash your vehicle is in. We begin with our non-acidic, non-corrosive, and non-caustic shampoos and cleaning agents. Manufactured to the highest standards, our shampoo and cleaning agents are scientifically formulated and are often used by top automakers as pre-delivery preparation for their new vehicles.


Our Chemicals

TWB™ (Tire, Wheel & Body Cleaner)
The best Wheel Cleaner in the industry Kaady Chemical’s TWB™  Cleaner truly does it all. Non-Acidic, Non-Caustic and Phosphate-Free TWB™ is the single most advanced chemicals in the industry to perform so many jobs, so well.

Foam Shield w/ Carnauba Wax
This new biodegradable Foam Shield provides unsurpassed paint protection while the Carnauba wax provide extra protections and brings out the shine and beauty of the paint.

Fragrance Mist
The Cherry Fragrance Mist is sprayed onto the vehicle during the wash process to maximize the Flagship Express Car Wash experience.

Spot Free Rinse and Rapid Dry
Flagship Express Car Wash produces thousands of gallons of reverse osmosis “Spot Free” water each day. This mineral free water is used in conjunctions with Rapid Dry agent during the final rinse, and enhances and speeds the drying process without streaking or smearing.

Liquid Polish
This Red, White and Blue visual extravaganza of Liquid Polish™ is a foam-cleaning agent and paint enhancer designed to slow oxidation, and preserves the paint’s clearcoat surface.  Included in our Diamond Wash, Liquid Polish™ not only brings out the luster of the paint, but plays a key role in deep cleaning the “pores” of the finish by removing dirt, grime and oxidized “dead” paint.

Paint Guard
Regular application of Paint Guard helps protect paint from UV rays, airborne contaminants, and acids from leaves, tree sap, bug spatter and bird droppings. Included in our Diamond Wash Paint Guard provides a protective polymer barrier for up to 30 days from date of application.

Underbody Wash
Powerful fresh water underbody rinse is included in our Diamond Wash and designed to keep the underbody free of road grime, sand, salt, and other contaminates which can have a detrimental effect on suspension parts, body components, exhaust system, and other underbody exposed areas. Not designed for cleaning heavy mud accumulation from underbody. 

Turbo Dry
Both our Diamond and Rudy Wash concludes with Turbo Dry. Our blower system provides powerful drying performance with 10 high volume blowers generating 100 horsepower of directed air to minimize streaking. Turbo Dry is coupled with our Spot Free Rinse and Rapid Dry agent for maximum drying efficiency.


Our Vacuums

Flagship Express Car Wash also offers complimentary high-performance vacuums to use as available. Our vacuums are easy to handle and taper outward along the hose to maximize power and avoid clogging. Ensuring peak suction performance, our vacuums make it easy to get in and out, and on your way!

We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us to learn more about Flagship Express Car Wash.